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Supply-chain management is a systems approach to managing the entire flow of information, materials, and services from raw materials suppliers through factories and warehouses to the end-customer.

In the ever-competitive business environment, industries are continually seeking ways for improvement for efficiency and to save money. One prime opportunity is to examine and optimize their inventories and packaging requirements to reduce supply chain costs.

ADH Supply Chain Solutions have expertise to assist organizations in manufacturing and distribution sectors with cost reduction strategies. We can help you initiate continuous improvement ideas to permanently and substantially reduce costs associated with packaging and transportation. ADH will examine your packaging specifications to ensure no non-value added activities and they adequately meet the demands of the distribution systems.

ADH work closely with clients to achieve cost effective supply chain and logistics functions from packaging design to storage and distribution systems.

• Assess the current packaging and distributions systems for better optimization opportunities

• Eliminate non-value added activities with lean implementation

• Identify any hidden cost and eliminate by thorough assessment process in entire supply chain and logistics