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All business processes have value added and non-value added activities. Reducing manufacturing costs through improved plant layout is an effective way to improve profitability. Our approach to Lean Manufacturing is based on working closely with our Customers to deliver measurable and sustained business performance improvements from our Lean Manufacturing projects.

ADH Supply Chain Solutions support organizations in implementing Kaizen / lean manufacturing using 5S and visual controls to improve safety, cost reduction, efficient warehouse management, and decrease down time and strength employee pride in their work. Our goal is to learn the fundamentals and key performance indicators of the current business in order to determine the implementation approach that will result in the most significant improvement to the bottom line.

The Five Principles of Lean Thinking

1. Define value from the Customer perspective.

2. Identify the Value Stream and eliminate waste.

3. Make Value flow at the pull of the Customer.

4. Involve and empower employees.

5. Continuously improve and drive towards perfection.